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Bookstore Tiedekirja is a selling venue for the Finnish learned societies maintained by The Federation of Finnish Learned Societies. Bookstore Tiedekirja distributes publications and other products issued by the member societies as well as the Federation’s own publications and items.

Annually, some 250 new book titles and tens of journal volumes, published by more than a hundred Finnish learned societies, come up for sale at Bookstore Tiedekirja. Featuring various languages, the publications include titles meant for international academic readership as well as popular science books, essays and field guides.

Members of the learned societies are granted the membership discounts appointed to them by their society. For the time being, discounts are granted only at the Bookstore Tiedekirja shop. Members of the societies, or other parties entitled to discounts and interested in ordering from the webstore, are asked to contact Bookstore Tiedekirja.

The prices of the Federation’s own products include value-added-tax (VAT). Since the publications issued by the learned societies are only sold through, not by, Tiedekirja, no VAT is charged for them. According to the Finnish Value Tax Act (Arvonlisäverolaki 30.12.1993/1501, chapter 2, §4) Bookstore Tiedekirja is not liable to VAT. More information about the pricing of publications sold through Bookstore Tiedekirja can be found from Terms & Conditions.

Unfortunately, Bookstore Tiedekirja cannot take on any other publisher’s products. The member societies of the Federation that wish to have their publications sold through Bookstore Tiedekirja, make an arbitration agreement with Bookstore Tiedekirja.

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In addition to the webstore, Bookstore Tiedekirja serves customers in a shop located in Kruununhaka, near the City Centre Campus of the University of Helsinki. The shop displays the latest publications of the Finnish learned societies. The shop also features a sales corner which is a great place to make finds of older books.

In addition to a wide selection, the shop houses many interesting events including author interviews and book launches. The timeliest information on events and other topical news on Bookstore Tiedekirja can be found at Bookstore Tiedekirja’s Facebook Page.


Bookstore Tiedekirja’s webstore serves customers around the world at all hours of the day. The webstore houses a vast selection of books and periodicals consisting of titles published mainly after 1990. Older publications can be enquired by contacting Bookstore Tiedekirja.

Ordering from the webstore is fast and easy. Orders are delivered by the Finnish postal system and the shipping costs depend on the weight of items shipped. The order can be conveniently and securely paid whilst placing the order by an electronic funds transfer or with a credit card. Billing customers are kindly asked to contact Bookstore Tiedekirja. You'll find further information on the order and delivery on the Terms and Conditions.

In all problem situations, f.ex. if facing difficulties in locating publications or placing an order, one can contact Bookstore Tiedekirja. Bookstore Tiedekirja’s helpful staff is more than happy to answer all questions and assist with the orders. Bookstore Tiedekirja also welcomes all feedback regarding the webstore and continuously strives to better its services according to customer needs.

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Bookstore Tiedekirja’s Facebook Page contains book introductions, information on new titles and a lot of other interesting and useful content. Facebook followers are also among the first to receive information on upcoming events and other topical activities. Follow Bookstore Tiedekirja and be in the know!

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Bookstore Tiedekirja’s newsletter sends once in a month. The newsletter includes information on the most interesting new titles in Bookstore Tiedekirja’s selection as well as other topical issues, such as upcoming events. Subscribe to Bookstore Tiedekirja’s newsletter in frontpage's sidebar.

The newsletter is free of charge and doesn’t obligate the subscriber to anything. The newsletter subscription can be canceled at any time by contacting Bookstore Tiedekirja or by clicking "Peruuta Tiedekirjan uutuuskirje" -link at the bottom of Newsletter.

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