Terms & Conditions

General information

Bookstore Tiedekirja is a selling venue for the Finnish learned societies maintained by the Federation of Finnish Learned Societies (TSV). Bookstore Tiedekirja distributes publications and other products issued by the member societies as well as the Federation’s own publications and items. The pricing and discounts of the publications are set by the societies themselves. Bookstore Tiedekirja is not authorised to modify them without the societies’ prior consent.

The prices of the Federation’s items include VAT. Since the publications issued by the learned societies are only sold through, not by, Bookstore Tiedekirja, no VAT is charged for them. The volume of sales for most of the societies selling through Bookstore Tiedekirja is below the limit set for VAT, and therefore no VAT is added to the sales price. Some of the societies account for VAT themselves afterwards on the basis of their total sales. In this respect, the webstore receipts and breakdown of charges show VAT only in regard to the Federation’s items. Bookstore Tiedekirja is not liable to VAT according to the Finnish Value Added Tax Act (Arvonlisäverolaki 30.12.1993/1501, chapter 2, section 4).

Bookstore Tiedekirja’s webstore houses a selection of books and periodicals issued by the Finnish learned societies consisting of titles published mainly after 1990. Customers can enquire about publications prior to this directly from the Bookstore Tiedekirja customer service at tiedekirja@tsv.fi. The webstore database is updated daily.

Bookstore Tiedekirja
E-mail: tiedekirja@tsv.fi
Tel.: +358 (9) 635 177
Address: Snellmaninkatu 13, FI-00170 Helsinki
Tax/VAT Number: 0524704-5

Address for returns:
Bookstore Tiedekirja (647 640)
Snellmaninkatu 13
FI-00170 Helsinki

1. Customers

Customers shall undertake to use the Bookstore Tiedekirja online shop under the webstore guidelines. Customers shall accept these order and delivery terms.

1.1. Private Customers

It is free and voluntary to register in Bookstore Tiedekirja’s webstore. Even unregistered customers can order products as a guest. Upon registration, the customer is obligated to provide accurate information about yourself in the webstore registration form and rectify any possible inaccurate information without delay. Anyone registering under 18 years of age must have the consent of a guardian. As a registered customer you can manage your contact information and view your order history. If desired, customer information can be removed by contacting Bookstore Tiedekirja at tiedekirja@tsv.fi. As a registered customer you may also request an e-newsletter and receive information on sales and discounts as well as other campaigns.

Upon registering, you must choose a username and password. As a registered customer, you must see to it that your username and password are not disclosed to any outside party because you are responsible for all orders placed under your username. If you forget your password, you can get a new one by clicking the link titled Forgot Your Password? in the webstore. After this, enter your e-mail address in the appropriate field and go to your e-mail inbox to retrieve instructions on resetting the password. In other problems regarding usernames and passwords, contact our customer service at tiedekirja@tsv.fi.

Bookstore Tiedekirja will not collect or process sensitive personal data of its customers as referred to in the Finnish Personal Data Act (Henkilötietolaki). The information from registered customers will be stored in the Bookstore Tiedekirja customer register where the information will be used for updating and maintaining customer relations as well as for shipping and invoicing of placed orders. No information will be disclosed to any outside party. The e-mail address provided by the customer can be used for sending out newsletters, provided the customer consents to this separately. For more information on the Privacy Policy of Bookstore Tiedekirja, click the Privacy Policy.

Notification on any possible changes will be provided solely on our website.

2. Ordering

2.1. Shopping Cart

After finding the items you are looking for in our webstore, you can add them to the Shopping Cart. You can review the shipping costs in the Shopping Cart by entering your country in the field “Estimate Shipping and Tax”. The shipping costs depend on the weight of items shipped as well as the shipping destination. You can remove an item from the Shopping Cart by clicking Remove. When all the items you want are in the Shopping Cart, you can proceed with the order by going to Checkout.

2.2. Checkout

Unless you have already done so, you must log in to the webstore or register as a new customer at this point in order to proceed any further.

The billing and shipping address for the order will be confirmed at the Checkout. Bookstore Tiedekirja postal orders will be shipped depending on the weight of the package either as a letter or a postal parcel, through the Finnish postal service Posti. A postal parcel is delivered to your nearest post office for pick-up. Letter mail is delivered to your home without a separate tracking number. N.B. At this stage, the shipping costs given by the programme are based on your shipping address given at Checkout, not on the country and postal code entered in the Shopping Cart.

When you reach the stage of Payment information, you select Paytrail.

After selecting your method of payment, you will get a summary of your order. VAT and any possible discounts from list prices will be shown at this stage. You must check that the order and shipping information are correct. At this stage, it is still possible to go to the Shopping Cart before paying and change or even cancel your order. In Paytrail, you will pay the price you accepted when you ordered your items, and it will not change even if the price of the item may change later on the website. You can, however, still cancel the sale in Paytrail by clicking Cancel Payment. You can pay after clicking Place Order.

You can pay for your order by an electronic funds transfer (EFT) or with a credit card. Bookstore Tiedekirja uses the EFT services of Nordea, Osuuspankki, Danske Bank, Handelsbanken, Lähi-Tapiola, Ålandsbanken, S-Pankki, Aktia, Säästöpankki and POP Bank. The banks’ user interfaces will instruct you in making an EFT payment, after which you are taken back to the seller’s service. You can also pay for your order with a Visa, Eurocard or Mastercard as well as other methods of payment provided by Paytrail. The webstore will then show your order confirmation which will be e-mailed to the address you provided. The payment is completed through Paytrail.

3. Shipping

3.1. Order Confirmation

You will be sent an order confirmation or some other notification by e-mail after we have received your order. Bookstore Tiedekirja reserves the right to refuse service, for example if a customer has repeatedly returned the items they have ordered.

3.2. Delivery Times and Shipping Costs

All delivery times are estimates. Bookstore Tiedekirja cannot guarantee that items will arrive in the given time. The final delivery time depends on the availability of the ordered items. The availability will be shown with the item’s general information. The estimated delivery time for items shipped in Finland is usually 4 to 7 business days, 7 to 18 business days for Europe and 9 to 23 business days for other countries.

We shall make attempts to notify the customer, without delay, on any significant changes made to the delivery time. Bookstore Tiedekirja shall not be liable for indirect costs to the customer accrued from a delay in shipping. Bookstore Tiedekirja shall not be liable for any damages occurred during shipping.

The shipping fees for example:

  • Finland deliveries:
    • weight under 0,2 kg €4,00
    • weight under 0,45 kg €6,40
    • weight over 0,45 kg €7,30 – 14,85
  • EU deliveries:
    • weight under 0,2 kg €6,10
    • weight under 0,45 kg €9,15
    • weight over 0,45 kg €11,20 – 96,40 cost depends on the region
  • Other international deliveries:
    • weight under 0,2 kg €5,55 – 8,00 cost depends on the region
    • weight under 0,45 kg €8,20 – 13,65 cost depends on the region
    • weight over 0,45 kg €18,85 – 140,90 cost depends on the region

3.3. Order and Collect service

Pick-up points:

  • The reception in Iiris Centre, Marjaniementie 74, 00930 Helsinki (Itäkeskus)

The customer can pick-up the ordered and paid items from pick-up point, which is chosen from the Shopping Cart; Pick-up from customer service desk. Pick-up point is the reception in Iiris Centre in Itäkeskus, Marjaniementie 74. Check the pick-up point's opening hours on the Iiris center's website.

The customer will receive a confirmation message via email/SMS when the item is ready for pick-up. The customer will receive the ordered item by showing the order/invoice number and by signing for the delivery.

The delivery will be held at the pick-up point for 14 days from the date you are notified that your item is ready for pick-up. Failure to pick up the parcel does not suffice as an order cancellation.

3.4. Possible damages in shipment and the product

Upon collecting the shipment, the recipient is liable to checking the shipment and informing the local postal service/transport company of the damages detected on the received package or envelope. In shipments delivered outside of Finland, the recipient is liable to make a damage claim to the local postal service. Bookstore Tiedekirja cannot compensate for the damages caused by the shipment, if a notice of defect has been failed to carry out to the local postal office/transport company.

If the product appears to be damaged even though the envelope/package shows no sign of damage, the reclamation is directed to Bookstore Tiedekirja, as is advised in section 4.3.

The Bookstore Tiedekirja sells unused products that may have minor cosmetic defects (marks, wears, cuts) on the cover and spine incurred during storage or due to the age of the publication. This is marked 'Surface defect' in the product information on the product presentation page. The publication is otherwise in good condition and it is unused. Possible defects are taken into account in the price.

4. Cancellation and Customer Complaints

4.1. Right to Cancel

You have the right to cancel the distance sales contract within 14 days without giving any reason. The time limit for cancellation will end 14 days from when the goods have been received. In order to use your right to cancel, you must notify Bookstore Tiedekirja of the decision to cancel the contract in an unambiguous manner (for example a letter by post or e-mail).

You can return the item to the Bookstore Tiedekirja shop or send it by post as a customer return without delay and no later than within 14 days from giving notification on cancellation. The time limit has been met provided the items are sent back prior to the end of the time limit in question. Bookstore Tiedekirja will pay the postal charges on a return.

The item being returned must be in sellable condition. You have the right to review the item as if you were in the shop of Bookstore Tiedekirja. If you use the item disregarding your duty of care, you shall be responsible for the decrease in its value. If the use of the item results in the item being in a non-sellable condition, you shall be liable for the entire value of the item.

Address for returns:
Bookstore Tiedekirja (647 640)
Snellmaninkatu 13
FI-00170 Helsinki

4.2. Effects of Cancellation

If you cancel the distance sales contract, Bookstore Tiedekirja will refund all the payments you made, as well as shipping costs, without delay and no later than within 14 days from receipt of notification on cancellation. Bookstore Tiedekirja will refund you by the method of payment you used in the original transaction, unless you have specifically consented to another form and so that the refund will not cause any costs to you. If you paid for your order as an EFT, it is very important to give your bank account number with the return, so that Bookstore Tiedekirja can refund your account. If you do not include your account information, Bookstore Tiedekirja cannot refund you within 14 days. Bookstore Tiedekirja can refrain from giving a refund until the goods have been returned or until you have verified that you have sent the goods back.

4.3. Reclamations

If the shipment does not match your order, you must immediately contact Bookstore Tiedekirja customer service at tiedekirja@tsv.fi. Your message should show your order number which can be found in the order confirmation and packing slip. Bookstore Tiedekirja will first and foremost replace a defective item by sending you a new, non-defective one. If this is not possible, your account will be refunded with the amount of the price paid for the item once the incorrect item has been returned.

4.4. Cancelling an Order Due to Delayed Delivery

You may cancel your order, provided the item was not delivered in the time given in the webstore. You must notify Bookstore Tiedekirja customer service at tiedekirja@tsv.fi on cancelling your order. Bookstore Tiedekirja has the right to cancel an order if the item has sold out or there are other insurmountable difficulties in getting it back in stock. Bookstore Tiedekirja notifies its customers as soon as possible on the cancellation of an order.

4.5. Other Considerations

This service includes materials protected by copyright, trade mark law and other intellectual property rights. Customers do not have the right, without explicit written permission from the author (the rightsholder) or explicit notification given in the service on expanded user rights, to copy or otherwise make use of the materials received other than for their own personal use.

Bookstore Tiedekirja cannot make any guarantees on the non-disruptive functioning of its service. Common online limitations, such as many users simultaneously trying to access the website, can cause network congestion and affect the availability of the service. Bookstore Tiedekirja has the right to temporarily shut down its service or part of it if necessary. In such a case, Bookstore Tiedekirja will make attempts to keep the disruption of service at a minimum and with the least amount of inconvenience to the users as possible.

Bookstore Tiedekirja reserves the right to modify its delivery terms with no prior notification. Customers must familiarise themselves with the delivery terms on the Bookstore Tiedekirja website prior to placing an order. Bookstore Tiedekirja will not compensate for indirect damages or any damages resulting from force majeure.

Bookstore Tiedekirja will not be responsible for any interruptions or communication disruptions due to technical problems, maintenance or installation work. It will not be responsible for any direct or indirect damage due to delays, changes or loss of information due to the possible aforementioned interruptions or disruptions.

Bookstore Tiedekirja will not compensate for damages resulting from circumstances falling under the liability of the user or a third party, nor will it have any obligation for compensation on the exercise of rights under these terms of use. The liability of Bookstore Tiedekirja is, at maximum, limited under the mandatory provisions of Finnish law.

The parties are free from their obligations and responsibilities to pay compensation if a violation of or failure to satisfy these obligations is due to force majeure. Such an incident can include, but is not limited to, war, insurgence, expropriation or confiscation for public needs, power supply interruption, labour dispute, fire, thunderstorm or some other natural phenomenon, cable damage due to a third party or, in terms of effect, some other similar and unordinary reason independent of the parties. Bookstore Tiedekirja will not be responsible for any delays due to force majeure, nor will it be responsible for indirect inconveniences due to the faulty condition of items or delayed delivery. Attempts to settle possible disputes shall always primarily be made between the customer and Bookstore Tiedekirja. Should the two parties not come to an agreement, the dispute shall be settled at Helsinki District Court or, for consumer customers, the district court in the city of the customer.

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