SKY Journal of Linguistics 18

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SKY Journal of Linguistics 18
Editors Pentti Haddington, Jouni Rostila & Ulla Tuomarla
Linguistic Association of Finland
Tampere 2005, 422 pp.
Articles: Pauli Brattico, A Category-free Model of Finnish Derivational Morphology; Ann Delikan, Head-dependent Asymmetry. Feet and Fusion in Malay; Agurtzane Elordui & Igone Zabala, Terminological Variation in Basque. Analysis of Texts of Different Degrees of Specialization; Heidi Koskela, Invoking Different Types of Knowledge in "Personal Interest" Interviews; Donna L. Lillian, Homophobic Discourse. A 'Popular' Canadian Example; Francesca Masini, Multi-word Expressions between Syntax and the Lexicon. The Case of Italian Verb-particle Constructions; Ana Ibáñez Moreno, A Semantic Analysis of Causative Active Accomplishment Verbs of Movement; Maarit Niemelä, Voiced Direct Reported Speech in Conversational Storytelling. Sequential Patterns of Stance Taking; Timothy Osborne, Coherence. A Dependency Grammar Analysis; Michael Putnam, An Anti-Local Account of Why Scrambled Datives in German Can't Bind Anaphors; Jari Sihvonen, An Exercise in Cognitive Lexical Semantics. The Case of the Finnish Motion Verb Kiertää.
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ISSN 1456-8438
Förläggare Suomen kielitieteellinen yhdistys
Sarja SKY Journal of Linguistics
Tryckt (år) 2005
Publikationens omslag Mjuk pärm
Bandtyp Häftad
Språk engelska
Vetenskapsgrenar Språkforskning
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