Reconsidering Raseborg

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Reconsidering Raseborg. New approaches to a medieval castle in Finland
Ed. Tuuli Heinonen, Maija Holappa, Tarja Knuutinen, Janne Harjula and Georg Haggrén
Suomen keskiajan arkeologian seura - Sällskapet för medeltidsarkeologi i Finland
Archaeologia Medii Aevi Finlandiae XXIX
Vaasa 2023, 316 pp.
Georg Haggrén & Tarja Knuutinen, Preface
Tarja Knuutinen & Georg Haggrén, Medieval castles and castle studies in Finland
Tapio Salminen, The castellans of Raseborg in 1373–1558
Tarja Knuutinen, Continuation or change through conflict? – Formation of settlement landscape around Raseborg Castle from the Iron Age to the Middle Ages
Tarja Knuutinen, Views on the early phases of Raseborg
Terhi Mikkola & Georg Haggrén, From the cellars to the round tower – An analysis of the function of the rooms in the main castle of Raseborg
Tarja Knuutinen & Elina Terävä, A load of rubbish – Waste management in the medieval castle milieu
Elina Terävä, Riikka Tevali & Georg Haggrén, The castle’s board – Everyday table culture at Raseborg
Frida Ehrnsten, Medieval coin circulation at Raseborg castle and its vicinity
Hanna Kivikero, Working animals? – Zooarchaeological and documentary evidence of animals with possible working function in the castle
Mia Lempiäinen-Avci, The castle of Raseborg – An archaeobotanical view
Georg Haggrén, Maija Holappa & Henrik Jansson, The town of Raseborg – Myth or reality?
Georg Haggrén, The landed estate of the Crown’s medieval castles – Case Raseborg
Georg Haggrén & Risto Marjomaa, The end of Raseborg – The rise and fall of a crown castle
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ISBN 978-952-69004-4-5
ISSN 1236-5882
Förläggare Suomen keskiajan arkeologian seura - Sällskapet för medeltidsarkeologi i Finland
Serier Archaeologia Medii Aevi Finlandiae
Tryckt (år) 2023
Publikationens omslag Hård pärm
Bandtyp Inbunden
Språk engelska
Vetenskapsgrenar Arkeologi
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