Influence of Constantinople on Middle Byzantine Architecture (843–1204)

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Toivanen, Hanna-Riitta
The Influence of Constantinople on Middle Byzantine Architecture (843–1204). A typological and morphological approach at the provincial level
Finnish Society of Church History
Publications of the Finnish Society of Church History 202
Vaajakoski 2007, 414 pp.
This study is related to research on Byzantine architectural schools and the history of ecclesiastical architecture. The traditional concept on the architectural school of Constantinople is questioned here. Questions are dealt with on the basis of the typology and morphology of the provincial examples that illuminate the Constantinopolitan influence in different areas. The role of the Byzantine capital and the impact of the Constantinopolitan workshops in the Mediterranean were more important than previously realized. Also some architectural elements that have not been preserved in the destroyed capital have survived at the provincial level.
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ISBN 978-952-5031-41-6
ISSN 0356-0759
Vetenskapsgrenar Arkitektur, Kyrkohistoria
Språk engelska
Publikationens omslag Mjuk pärm
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