Annales Zoologici Fennici 2018:4-6

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Annales Zoologici Fennici 2018:4-6
Editor-in-Chief Perttu Seppä
Suomen eläin- ja kasvitieteen julkaisutoimikunta
s.l. 2018, 151-285 p.
Includes the following articles among others: Horecka, B., Usefulness of a modified system of molecular sex identification in Mustelidae including museum specimens; Thunes, K. H., Gjerde, I. & Skartveit, J., The red wood ant Formica aquilonia (Hymenoptera : Formicidae) may affect both local species richness and composition at multiple trophic levels in a boreal forest ecosystem; Johnsen, K., Devineau, O. & Andreassen, H. P., The effects of winter climate and intrinsic factors on survival of cyclic vole populations in southeastern Norway; Pitelka, F. A. & Batzli, G. O., Demography and condition of brown lemmings (Lemmus trimucronatus) during cyclic density fluctuations near Barrow, Alaska; Zamora-Camacho, F. J., Toe-clipping does not affect toad’s short-term locomotor performance; Korslund, L., Relative efficiency of two models of Ugglan Special live-traps for capturing small rodents in boreo-nemoral forest; Cogălniceanu, D., Dorel, R., Plăiaşu, R. & Palmer, M. W., Out in the cold: Trophic resource use by the common frog (Rana temporaria) populations inhabiting extreme habitats; Manikowska-Ślepowrońska, B., Mokwa, T. & Jakubas, D., Wintering and stop-over areas of grey herons (Ardea cinerea) breeding in central Europe: a ring-recovery analysis.
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ISSN 0003-455X
Förläggare Suomen eläin- ja kasvitieteen julkaisutoimikunta
Sarja Annales Zoologici Fennici
Tryckt (år) 2018
Publikationens omslag Mjuk pärm
Bandtyp Häftad
Språk engelska
Vetenskapsgrenar Zoologi, Naturen
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