Annales Botanici Fennici 2017:4-6

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Annales Botanici Fennici 2017:4-6
Editor-in-Chief Johannes Enroth
Suomen eläin- ja kasvitieteen julkaisutoimikunta
s.l. 2017, 199-435 pp.
Includes the following articles among others: Pagare R.S., Deshpande A.S. & Kambale S.S., Lectotypification of Phyllanthus baeobotryoides and P. macrocalyx (Phyllanthaceae) from India; Do T.V., Truong C.Q. & Huynh H.T.T., Aristolochia neinhuisii (Aristolochiaceae), a new species from Vietnam; Harris AJ, Frawley E. & Wen J., The utility of single-copy nuclear genes for phylogenetic resolution of Acer and Dipteronia (Acereae, Sapindaceae); Wang D., Xu X.D. & Gan Q.L., Corydalis pseudoamplisepala (Papaveraceae), a new species from NW Hubei, China; Somlyay L., Lisztes-Szabó Zs., Vojtkó A. & Sennikov A.N., Atlas Florae Europaeae notes 31. Sorbus javorkana (Rosaceae), a redescribed apomictic species from the Gömör–Torna (Gemer–Turňa) Karst in Hungary and Slovakia; Chen Y.P., Hu G.X., Zhao F., Peng H. & Xiang C.L., Taxonomic notes on Isodon (Lamiaceae) in China, II: I. aurantiacus, a new species from Tibet, China; von Numers M., Distribution patterns and long-term changes in vascular plants of non-littoral areas in the SW archipelago of Finland. Part I. Study concept and Pteridophyta; Doweld A.B., Allopanax and Boreopanax, new names of fossil Araliales; Mathew J., Jose S., Yohannan R. & George K.V., Three new species of Piper (Piperaceae) from the southern Western Ghats, India; Galán de Mera A., Linares-Perea E.L. & Vicente-Orellana J.A.V., Taraxacum (Asteraceae) in the Azores, Madeira and the Canary Islands.
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ISSN 0003-3847
Förläggare Suomen eläin- ja kasvitieteen julkaisutoimikunta
Sarja Annales Botanici Fennici
Tryckt (år) 2017
Publikationens omslag Mjuk pärm
Bandtyp Häftad
Språk engelska
Vetenskapsgrenar Botanik
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