Vuosilusto 2004–2005

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Vuosilusto 2004–2005. Essays on the history of Finnish forestry
Editor Markku Rauhalahti
Finnish Forest History Society. Lusto, Finnish Forest Museum
Vammala 2006, 164 pp.
Contents: Tapani Tasanen, Review of the forest history of Finland from the late Mediaeval to the end of 1800s; Matti Leikola, The development of silviculture and forest management in the 20th century Finland; Matti Palo, Coevolution of forestry and society in Finland: from preindustrial to industrial forestry; Markku Rauhalahti, Developments in the use of Finnish forests; Esko Pakkanen, Timber floating in Finland - then and now; Leena Paaskoski, Extensive annual rings - from the first decade of Lusto; Markku Rauhalahti, The Finnish Forest History Society. The first decennary 1995-2005.
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ISSN 1796-4318
Publisher Metsähistorian Seura
Series Vuosilusto
Published (year) 2006
Cover Softcover
Type of Binding Softcover binding
Languages english
Disciplines Forestry
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