Tekniikan Waiheita 2017:4

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Tekniikan Waiheita 2017:4. lndustrial Heritages Revisited - The translocal identities behind resistant localities
Päätoim. Tiina Männistö-Funk
Tekniikan Historian Seura THS ry
Vaasa 2017, 74 p.
Among others, Finnish Quarterly for the History of Technology Tekniikan Waiheita 4/2017 contains the following articles: Anna Sivula, How does a Factory Chimney evolve into a Monument? The Resistant lndustrial Heritage Communities; Maarit Grahn, The Pihlava Works - sawn timber, traces of the industrial past and empty spaces; Riina Haanpää, lndustrial heritage, everyday life and environmental relationship; Mikko Aho, The Safety Heritage of shipbuilders in Rauma.
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ISSN 0780-5772
Publisher Tekniikan Historian Seura THS ry
Series Tekniikan Waiheita - Teknik i Tiden
Published (year) 2017
Cover Softcover
Type of Binding Softcover binding
Languages english
Disciplines History, Technical Science, Science and Scholarship
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