Studia Celtica Fennica XV

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Studia Celtica Fennica XV
Ed. Antti Lampinen, Silva Nurmio & Katja Ritari
Suomen Keltologinen Seura - Finlands Keltologiska Sällskap (SFKS)
Helsinki 2018, 143 pp.
Studia Celtica Fennica XV includes among others articles: Alexandra Bergholm, Immram curaig Maile Duin: Máel Duinin veneen merimatka; George Broderick, Max Traditional Songs and Song-Fragments in the End-Phase of Manx Gaelic: From the Clague Music Collection (1890s); Kristen Mills, Glossing the Glosses: The Right Marginal Notes on Glaidomuin and Gudomhuin in TCD MS 1337; Andrew Newby, “A Project So Flashy and Bizarre”: Irish Volunteers and the Second Schleswig War; Anna June Pagé, Deirdriu and Heroic Biograghy.
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ISSN 1795-097X
Disciplines Linguistics
Languages finnish, english
Cover Softcover
Type of Binding Softcover binding
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