Structural-Semantic Types of Lithuanian Folk Tales, Vol. 2

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Kerbelyté, Bronislava
Structural-Semantic Types of Lithuanian Folk Tales, Vol. 2
Suomalainen Tiedeakatemia
Folklore Fellows' Communications 309
Saarijärvi 2015, 331 pp.
The classification system of the types of folk tales published by Antti Aarne in 1910 was a much needed and courageous project. Bronislava Kerbelyté has classified more than 40,000 variants of Lithuanian folk tales according to the international catalogue by Antti Aarne and Stith Thompson (AT). She has concluded that it is necessary to improve the classification system. Kerbelyté has determined elementary plots (EP) as structural elements for narratives and created the structural-semantic method for analysis and description of texts on several levels. The classification of elementary plots and their types contains much information about folk tales and about people.
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ISBN 978-951-41-1114-3
ISSN 0014-5815
Publisher Kalevalaseura-säätiö
Series Folklore Fellows' Communications
Published (year) 2015
Cover Hardcover
Type of Binding Hardcover binding
Languages english
Disciplines Folklore
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