Soundscape Studies and Methods

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Soundscape Studies and Methods
Ed. Helmi Järviluoma & Gregg Wagstaff
Suomen Etnomusikologinen Seura
Suomen Etnomusikologisen Seuran julkaisuja 9
Vaasa 2002, 204 pp.
This collection of essays, edited by Helmi Järviluoma and Gregg Wagstaff, will be essential to anyone interested in the sonic environment. A growing ecological awareness in the later half of the 20th century has given rise to a widening concern for the state of our soundscapes.

The last few years have witnessed promising developments in soundscape studies, and this book is the first collection to focus upon soundscape research methods. The contributors to this volume form an international and multidisciplinary team of researchers, from architecture, Ethnomusicology, Sonic Art, (time) Geography, Biology, Sociology and Urban planning.
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ISBN 951-96171-5-9
ISSN 0785-2746
Publisher Suomen Etnomusikologinen Seura
Series Suomen Etnomusikologisen Seuran julkaisuja
Published (year) 2002
Cover Softcover
Type of Binding Softcover binding
Languages english
Disciplines Music, Environmental Studies
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