SKAS 2013:1-2

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SKAS 2013:1-2. Medieval Europe 2012 Helsinki. Rural Strategies in the Northern Sphere
Editor-in-Chief Georg Haggrén
Suomen keskiajan arkeologian seura
s.l. 2014, 67 pp.
Articles: Elisabeth Holmqvist-Saukkonen, Andreas Koivisto & Riikka Väisänen, Redwares from Gubbacka's Medieval Village. Regional and Inter-Regional Views on Ceramic Networks and Technology (SEM-EDX); Santeri Vanhanen & Tiina Mikkanen, New Radiocarbon Dates for a Medieval Oven with Botanical Remains from the Hamlet of Gubbacka, Vantaa, Southern Finland; Lena Beronius Jörpeland & Linda Qviström, Early Modern Landscaping. A Watermill Site in Uppland, Sweden; Ulrika Rosendahl, Settlement and Strategies in a Colonized Area. Understanding the Settlement Structure in the Parish of Medieval Espoo; Georg Haggrén, A Medieval Landscape of Power and Interaction. The Castle of Raseborg and the Peasants of the Castle Province.
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ISSN 1445-0334
Publisher Suomen keskiajan arkeologian seura - Sällskapet för medeltidsarkeologi i Finland
Series SKAS
Published (year) 2014
Languages multilingual
Disciplines Archaeology
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