Ornis Fennica 2021:2

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Ornis Fennica 2021:2
Ed.-in-Chief Suvi Ruuskanen
BirdLife Suomi
Vaasa 2021, 60-96 pp.
Ornis Fennica 2/2021 contains the following articles: Fabio Balotari-Chiebao, Jari Valkama & Patrik Byholm, Assessing the vulnerability of breeding bird populations to onshore wind-energy developments in Finland; Michal Baláž, Lucia Hrčková, Filip Tulis & Mária Balážová, Breeding performance of the White-throated Dipper (Cinclus cinclus) under different temperature conditions; Alfréd Trnka, Offspring sex ratio and partially asynchronous hatching in the Little Bittern (Ixobrychus minutus) population in south-western Slovakia; Anna Bazhaanova, Tatiana Sviridova & Dmitri Karelin, Feeding conditions in breeding areas and selection of lekking sites by Great Snipe (Gallinago media) in Moscow Region, Russia.
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ISSN 0030-5685
Publisher BirdLife Suomi
Series Ornis Fennica
Published (year) 2021
Cover Softcover
Type of Binding Softcover binding
Languages english
Disciplines Biology, Zoology, Nature
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