NGP Yearbook 2020

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NGP Yearbook 2020. Political Ecologies of Inertia
Ed. Ville Kellokumpu & Aapo Lunden
Pohjois-Suomen Maantieteellinen Seura
Nordia Geographical Publications 49:5
Tampere 2021, 111 pp.
Yearbook 2020 includes i.a. articles: Carlos Tornel, Petro-populism and infrastructural energy landscapes: The case of Mexico’s Dos Bocas Refinery; Marika Kettunen, “We need to make our voices heard”: Claiming space for young people’s everyday environmental politics in northern Finland; Ruiying Liu, Strategies for sustainability in shrinking cities: frames, rationales and goals for a development path change; Keijo Lakkala, Utopianism in the Age of Capitalocene.
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ISBN 978-952-62-2884-0
ISSN 1238-2086
Publisher Pohjois-Suomen Maantieteellinen Seura
Series Nordia Geographical Publications
Published (year) 2021
Cover Softcover
Type of Binding Softcover binding
Languages english
Disciplines Geography, Environmental Studies
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