Nationality and Nationalism in Italy and Finland

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Nationality and Nationalism in Italy and Finland
Editor Maija Väisänen
Finnish Historical Society
Studia Historica 16
1984, 191 pp.
The book contains the papers presented at the 2nd Finnish-Italian Historical Symposium. Contents: Mario Belardinelli, Catholics and their attitude to nationality in Italy; Yrjö Blomstedt, National and international viewpoints of the Finnish upper class in the 19th century; Patrick Bruun, Freedom fighters at close quarters; Mario D'Addio, Political thought and nationality in Italy; Franco Gaeta, Nationalism in historiography; Seppo Hentilä, The Finnish labour movement and national thinking until 1907; Osmo Jussila, Finland's progress to national statehood within the development of the Russian Empire's administrative system; Aira Kemiläinen, Initiation of the Finnish people into nationalist thinking; Matti Klinge, Let us be Finns! Fortunato Minniti, The role of the armed forces in national politics (1887 - 1914); Alberto Monticone, Probleme und Perspektiven einer Kulturgeschichte des italienischen Volkes während des Ersten Weltkrieges; Pietro Pastorelli, Italy and the Finnish nation 1917 - 1919; Hannu Soikkanen, Nationalism and internationalism as concepts of the Finnish working class in the critical situation of 1917 - 1918; Massimo Finoia, Politique économique et pensée nationale en Italie de l'Unité à 1918.
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ISBN 951-9254-61-7
ISSN 0081-6493
Publisher Suomalaisen Kirjallisuuden Seura
Series Studia Historica
Published (year) 1984
Cover Softcover
Type of Binding Softcover binding
Languages multilingual
Disciplines History
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