Fennoscandia Archaeologica XXIV

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Fennoscandia Archaeologica XXIV
Editors Vesa-Pekka Herva & Janne Ikäheimo
Archaeological Society of Finland
Vaajakoski 2007, 100 pp.
Articles: Teemu Mökkönen, Kerkko Nordqvist & Stanislav Bel’skij, The Rupunkangas 1a site in the archipelago of ancient Lake Ladoga: a housepit with several rebuilding phases; Jari Okkonen, Archaeological investigations at the Sámi sacrificial site of Ukonsaari in Lake Inari; Timo Salminen, The Ural-Altaic Bronze Age as seen by J.R. Aspelin and A.M. Tallgren. Discussion: Joakim Donner, On the lack of evidence of artifacts in the Susiluola cave in Finland; Kari A. Kinnunen, Fractured siltstones in Susivuori esker close to Susiluola cave, Karijoki, Finland; Hans-Peter Schulz, Artefact-geofact analysis of the lithic material from the Susiluola cave; Mikael A. Manninen, Non-flint pseudo-lithics: some considerations; Milton Núnez, My problem with Susiluola.
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ISSN 0781-7126
Publisher Suomen Arkeologinen Seura
Series Fennoscandia Archaeologica
Published (year) 2007
Cover Softcover
Type of Binding Softcover binding
Languages english
Disciplines Archaeology
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