Essays on Sound and Vision

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Essays on Sound and Vision
Eds. John Richardson & Stan Hawkins
Finnish Society for Ethnomusicology. Helsinki University Press
Finnish Society for Ethnomusicology. Publication 15
Helsinki 2007, 452 pp.
A thread that runs through the chapters is the recognition of audiovisual performance as a central theoretical category. The focus of the essays is exclusively contemporary. In this way, the book addresses a cluster of concerns that pertain to audiovisual production, performance and consumption in a variety of present day contexts. Chapters are organised thematically around the haedings Avant-garde aesthetics, Re-sounding soundtracks, Televisual intertexts, Interrogating the mainstream, and Personal politics and embodied performance.
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ISBN 978-951-570-726-0
ISSN 0785-2746
Publisher Suomen Etnomusikologinen Seura
Series Finnish Society for Ethnomusicology. Publication
Published (year) 2007
Cover Softcover
Type of Binding Softcover binding
Languages english
Disciplines Music
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