Deir el-Medina Studies

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Deir el-Medina Studies. Helsinki June 24‒26, 2009 Proceedings
Edited by Jaana Toivari-Viitala, Turo Vartiainen & Saara Uvanto
Finnish Egyptological Society
Occasional Publications 2
Vantaa 2014, 198 pp.
Articles: Debora Cilli, A New Corpus of Hieratic Ostraca from the Valley of Kings (KV47); Kathlyn M. Cooney, Private Sector Tomb Robbery and Funerary Arts Reuse according to West Theban Documentation; Arlette David, Orality of Agreement, Literacy of Conflict: Legal Written Genres in Deir el-Medina; Andreas Dorn, Die vier Pyramidia des Chons; Yasmin El Shazly, Representations of Sequences of Royal Ancestors in Deir el-Medina Tombs; Ben Haring, Workmen's Marks and the Early History of the Theban Royal Necropolis; Renata Landgráfová & Hana Navrátilová, Love Songs and Deir el-Medina; Richard Mandeville,Two Aspects of Wage Accounting in Deir El-Medina; Gema Menéndez, A Selection of Wall Fragments from Deir el-Medina's Tombs in Cairo Museum; Matthias Müller, Ostraka aus dem Totentempel des Merenptah in Theben; Miriam Müller, Deir el-Medina in the Dark ‒ the Amarna period in the history of the village; Gregor Neunert, Striving to Gain Prestige through Funerary Objects; Deborah Sweeney, Women at Worship on Deir el-Medîna Stelae; Jaana Toivari-Viitala, Workmen's Huts in the Theban Mountains Project.
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ISBN 978-951-96842-9-1
Publisher Suomen Egyptologinen Seura - Egyptologiska Sällskapet i Finland
Sarja Occasional Publications
Published (year) 2014
Cover Softcover
Type of Binding Softcover binding
Languages multilingual
Disciplines Oriental Studies
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