Bulletin of the Geological Society of Finland 1986:1

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Bulletin of the Geological Society of Finland 1986:1
Suomen Geologinen Seura - Geologiska Sällskapet i Finland
Vammala 1986, 350 pp.
Bulletin of the Geological Society of Finland 1/1986 contains the following articles: Kalevi Virkkala, Suomen Geologisen Seuran historiikki 1886—1986. Summary: The history of the Geological Society of Finland 1886—1986; Frans E. Wickman, Brögger in Stockholm 1881—1890, a seminal period of Nordic geology; Gunnar Glückert, The First Salpausselkä at Lohja, southern Finland; Pentti Alhonen, Holocene lacustrine microfossils and environmental changes; Anna Hietanen, Role of replacement in the genesis of anorthosite in the Boehls Butte area, Idaho; H.S. Yoder Jr. and F. Chayes, Linear alkali correlation in oceanic alkali basalts; Friedrich Seifert and Jonh C. Schumacher, Cordierite-spinelquartz assemblages: A potential geobarometer; Yrkö Kähkönen, Esa Mattila and Juhani Nuutilainen, A revision of the Proterozoic-Archean boundary of the Northern Bothnian schist belt with a discussion of the geochemistry of related basic metavolcanics; Tore Gjelsvik et al., Status of the geological research in Svalbard and the Barents Sea; Gabor Gaál, 2200 million years of crustal evolution: The Baltic shield; Marilyn G. Truscott, D.M. Shaw and J.J. Cramer, Boron abundance and localization in granulites and the lower continental crust; Kauko Laajoki, The Central Puolanka Group — a Precambrian regressive metasedimentary sequence in northern Finland; K.J. Neuvonen, On the direction of remanent magnetization of the quartz porphyry dikes in SE Finland; Pekka A. Nurmi and Ilmari Haapala, The Proterozoic granitoids of Finland: Granite types, metallogeny and relation to crustal evolution; Nils Edelman, Leif Bergman and Bo Lindberg, An intrusive-like tectonic breccia in the archipelago of southwestern Finland; Richard W. Ojakangas, An early Proterozoic metagraywake-slate turbidite sequence: The Tampere schist belt, southwestern Finland; Paul Ramdohr, Die Metamorphose in der Uraninitfamilie; Ahti Simonen, Vivianite from Paakkila, Tuusniemi, Finland; Oleg von Knorring, Eric Condliffe and Y.L. Tong, Some mineralogical and geochemical aspects of chromium-bearing skarn minerals from northern Karelia, Finland; Gunnar Kullerud, Monoclinic Pyrrhotite; Ove Stephansson and Per Ångman, Hydraulic fracturing stress measurements at Forsmark and Stidsvig, Sweden; Heikki Niini, Classification and development of bedrock resources in Finland.
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ISSN 0367-5211
Publisher Suomen Geologinen Seura - Geologiska Sällskapet i Finland
Sarja Bulletin of the Geological Society of Finland
Published (year) 1986
Cover Softcover
Type of Binding Softcover binding
Languages finnish, english
Disciplines Geology
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