Arctos 55

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Arctos 55
Editor-in-Chief Martti Leiwo
Klassillis-filologinen yhdistys - Klassisk-filologiska föreningen
Vaasa 2022, 456 pp.
Arctos 55 includes the following articles among others: Silvia Gazzoli, Marmorare, incrustare: Lessico tecnico nell’epigrafia dell'Italia Romana; Thomas J. Goessens, Another Spanish Alienum in Canterbury? New Insights on RIB 2324; Kyle Helms, An Unread Safaitic Graffito from Pompeii; Wolfgang Hübner; Ketos und Kepheus bei Arat. 629-652,; Lassi Jakola, Corpses, Living Bodies and Stuffs: Pre-Platonic Concepts of σώµα; Urpo Kantola, Miszellen zu römischen Namen in griechischen Inschriften und Papyri; Abuzer Kizil, Linda Talatas and Didier Laroche, Honorific Statue Base for the Demos of the Mylaseans at Euromos; Maria Panagiotopoulou, The Children of Hephaestus: Some Thoughts on the Female Power over Patriarchal Masculinity; Leena Pietilä-Castrén, Forgotten and Unknown - Classical Bronzes from the National Museum of Finland; Olli Salomies, A Group of Romans in Ephesus in 35 BC; Kirsi Simpanen, The Symbolism behind the Draco Standard; Heikki Solin, Analecta Epigraphica 331-334; Heiko Ullrich, Textkritische Bemerkungen zu Echtheit und Stellung von Lucr. 1,136-148; Eeva-Maria Viitanen, Pompeian Electoral Notices on Houses and in Neighborhoods? Re-Appraisal of the Spatial Relationships of Candidates and Supporters; Manfredi Zanin, The Domitii Ahenobarbi in the Second Centurv BCE.
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ISSN 0570-734X
Publisher Klassillis-filologinen yhdistys - Klassisk-filologiska föreningen
Series Arctos - Acta Philologica Fennica
Published (year) 2022
Cover Softcover
Type of Binding Softcover binding
Languages english, german, italian
Disciplines Classical Studies, Archaeology, History, Art History
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