Annales Fennici Mathematici 47:1

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Annales Fennici Mathematici 47:1
Ed.-in-Chief Pekka Koskela
Suomen matemaattinen yhdistys
Helsinki 2022, 601 pp.
Includes the following articles, among others: Khanh Nguyen, Classification criteria for regular trees; Yoshihiro Mizuta and Tetsu Shimomura, Boubdary growth of Sobolev functions of monotone type for double phase functionals; Aidyn Kassymov, Michael Ruzjansky and Durvudkhan Suragan, Reverse integral Hardy inequality on metric measure spaces; Yuliang Shen, VMO-Teichmüller space on the real line; Martina Jørgensen and Urs Lang, Geodesic spaces of low Nagata dimension; Keijo Mönkkönen, Boundady rigidity for Randers metrics; Molla Basir Ahamed, Allu Vasudevarao and Himadri Halder, The Bohr phenomenon for analytic functions on shifted disks; Van Hoang Nguyen, Improved critical Hardy inequality and Leray-Trudinger type inequalities in Carnot groups; Saara Sarsa, Note on an elementary inequality and its application to the regularity of p-harmonic functions; Toni Ikonen, Uniformization of metric surfaces using isothermal coordinates; Ivan I. Marchenko, Baernstein’s star-function, maximum modulus points and a problem of Erdõs; Feng Liu, Xue Qingying and Kôzô Yabuta, Sobolev boundedness and continuity for commutators of the local Hardy-Littlewood maximal function; Bo-Yong Long, Toshiyuki Sugawa and Qi-Han Wang, Completely monotone sequences and harmonic mappings.
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ISSN 2737-0690
Publisher Suomen matemaattinen yhdistys
Sarja Annales Fennici Mathematici
Published (year) 2022
Cover Softcover
Type of Binding Softcover binding
Languages english
Disciplines Mathematics
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