Annales Fennici Mathematici 46:2

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Annales Fennici Mathematici 46:2
Ed.-in-Chief Pekka Koskela
Suomen matemaattinen yhdistys
Helsinki 2021, 601-1201 pp.
Includes the following articles, among others: Akman, Murat, Agnid Banerjee and Mariana Smit Vega Garcia, On a Bernoulli-type overdetermined free boundary problem; Lind, Joan, Tangential Loewner hulls; Botelho, Geraldo and Jose Lucas P. Luiz, On the Schur, positive Schur and weak Dunford-Pettis properties in Fréchet lattices; Angrisani, Francesca, Giacomo Ascione and Gianluigi Manzo, Atomic decomposition of finite signed measures on compacts of Rn; Figueiredo, Giovany M., Eugenio Massa and Jefferson A. Santos<i/>, Existence of positive solutions for a class of semipositone problems with Kirchhoff operator; Rodrigues, Jose and Enrique A. Sanchez-Perez, A class of summing operators acting in spaces of operators; Coen, Frank, Nate Gillman, Tamas Keleti, Dylan King and Jennifer Zhu, Large sets with small injective projections.
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ISSN 2737-0690
Publisher Suomen matemaattinen yhdistys
Series Annales Fennici Mathematici
Published (year) 2021
Cover Softcover
Type of Binding Softcover binding
Languages english
Disciplines Mathematics
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