Annales Botanici Fennici 2020:1-3

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Annales Botanici Fennici 2020:1-3
Editor-in-Chief Johannes Enroth
Suomen eläin- ja kasvitieteen julkaisutoimikunta
s.l. 2020, 191 pp.
Includes the following articles among others: Malysheva V., Spirin V., Schoutteten N., De Lange R., Pennanen J. & Larsson K.-H., New and noteworthy species of Helicogloea (Atractiellomycetes, Basidiomycota) from Europe; Rodda M., Two new species and two new records of Marsdenia (Apocynaceae) from Thailand; Nguyen K.S., Averyanov L.V., Tillich H.-J., Le T.M.L. & Nguyen T.H., Aspidistra babensis (Asparagaceae), a new species from northern Vietnam.; Yang Q., Xin C., Li J.F., Peng F.F., Zhang R.T., Wang J., Li Z.H., Biffin E. & Liu Z.L., Complete chloroplast genome of Triaenophora shennongjiaensis (Orobanchaceae), an endangered medical herb from China; Bielecka A., Borkowska L. & Królak E., Environmental changes caused by the clonal invasive plant Solidago canadensis; Dang V.S. & Naiki A., Two new species of Lasianthus (Rubiaceae) from northern Vietnam; Pan B., Xu M.Z., Tang W.X. & Yang L.H., Primulina zixingensis (Gesneriaceae), a new species from Hunan, China; Kolanowska M. & Szlachetko D.L., Cranichis crenatifolia (Orchidaceae), a new species from Valle de Sibundoy, Colombia; Luu H.T., Nguyen H.C., Tran H.D., Nguyen Q.D. & Nguyen T.Q.T., Balanophora aphylla (Balanophoraceae), a new holoparasitic species from Vietnam; Stam Å., Anttila J., Pellikka P. & Rikkinen J., Sensitivity of tropical pendant bryophytes: results from a translocation experiment along an elevation gradient; Navarro-Romo W.C., Quispe-Melgar H.R., Nauray-Huari W., Linares-Perea E. & Galán de Mera A., Types of Epidendrum antenniferum Bonpl. and its synonyms (Orchidaceae, Oncidiidae).
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ISSN 0003-3847
Publisher Suomen eläin- ja kasvitieteen julkaisutoimikunta
Sarja Annales Botanici Fennici
Published (year) 2020
Cover Softcover
Type of Binding Softcover binding
Languages english
Disciplines Biology, Botany, Nature
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