Annales Botanici Fennici 2018:1-3

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Annales Botanici Fennici 2018:1-3
Editor-in-Chief Johannes Enroth
Suomen eläin- ja kasvitieteen julkaisutoimikunta
s.l. 2018, 193 pp.
Includes the following articles among others: Vlasák J., Vlasák J.Jr., Harvey P.G., Leacock P.R. & Spirin V., Pyrofomes juniperinus, comb. nova, the North American sibling of P. demidoffii (Polyporales, Basidiomycota); Lanta V. & Norrdahl K., Differing germination success may explain lower species richness of herbaceous vegetation below non-native than native shrubs; Piwowarczyk R., Sánchez-Pedraja Ó., Moreno-Moral G., Zakaryan N. & Kartashyan N., Phelipanche zangezuri (Orobanchaceae), a new species from the Caucasus, Armenia; Aytaç Z. & Yıldırım H., Ebenus zekiyeae (Fabaceae), a new species from Turkey; Thuong S.D., Choudhary R.K., Tucker G.C., Mau C.H., Nguyen T.T.N., Nguyen H.Q. & Lee J., Capparis bachii (Capparaceae), a new species from southern Vietnam;Hong V., Pan F.Z., Zhou S.B., Ma W. & Wen F., Primulina cangwuensis (Gesneriaceae), a new species from the karst limestone area in Guangxi, China; von Numers, Mikael, Distribution patterns and long-term changes in vascular plants of non-littoral areas in the SW archipelago of Finland. Part III. Clusiaceae, Violaceae, Cistaceae, Brassicaceae, Salicaceae, Ericaceae, Pyrolaceae, Monotropaceae, Empetraceae, Primulaceae, Tiliaceae, Malvaceae, Thymelaeaceae, Saxifragaceae, Crassulaceae, Grossulariaceae, Parnassiaceae, Droseraceae; Dastpak A., Kazempour Osaloo S., Maassoumi A.A. & Naderi Safar K., Molecular phylogeny of Astragalus sect. Ammodendron (Fabaceae) inferred from chloroplast ycf1 gene; Napiroon T., Chamchumroon V., Balslev H. & Chayamarit K., Lasianthus purpureocalyx (Rubiaceae), a new species from southern Thailand; Raveendran J., Mathew S.P., Appukuttannair G. & Kumar E.S.S., Lasianthus agasthyamalayanus (Rubiaceae), a new species from the southern Western Ghats, Kerala, India; Doweld A.B., Cussoniophyllum, Diplosophyllum, Hederago and Priscophyllum, new generic names for Upper Cretaceous plants of Europe; Yang F., Wang Y.H., Qiao D. & Wang H.C., Pilea weimingii (Urticaceae), a new species from Yunnan, southwest China; Laitinen J., Kaakinen E., Oksanen J., Saarimaa M. & Ruuhijärvi R., Boreal Picea abies mires of Finland: Cajanderian site types and compositional gradients in relation to species richness; Chaowasku T., Damthongdee A., Jongsook H., Nuraliev M.S., Ngo D.T., Le H.T., Lithanatudom P., Osathanunkul M., Deroin T., Xue B. & Wipasa J., Genus Huberantha (Annonaceae) revisited: erection of Polyalthiopsis, a new genus for H. floribunda, with a new combination H. luensis; Kottaimuthu R. & Rajendran K., Cryptocarya vanderwerffii Kottaim., a new name for Ravensara macrophylla Kosterm. (Lauraceae); Biju P., Josekutty E.J. & Augustine J., Lagenandra cherupuzhica (Araceae), a new species from Kerala, India; Rykaczewski M., Szlachetko D.L. & Kolanowska M., Trichosalpinx carinatus (Orchidaceae, Pleurothallidinae), a new species from Colombia; Das M.D., Pramanik A. & Maity D., Nomenclatural notes on some Indian species of Memecylon; Arriola A.H., Valdez M.B.Jr., Nievera E.B. & Alejandro G.J.D., Discospermum reyesii (Coffeeae, Rubiaceae), a new species from Cebu, Visayas, Philippines; Szlachetko D.L. & Kolanowska M., Exalaria glabriflora (Orchidaceae, Cranichidinae), a new species from Peru; Tran T.B., Hoang X.L., Bui N.D., Bui T.H., Sangmi E., Bui H.Q., Do V.H., Nuraliev M., Kuznetsov A., Kuznetova S. & Rodda M., Jasminanthes tuyetanhiae (Apocynaceae, Asclepiadoideae), a new species from Vietnam, and J. pilosa new for Vietnam; Cho W.B., Choi B.H., Kim J.H., Lee D.H. & Lee J.H., Complete plastome sequencing reveals an extremely diminished SSC region in hemiparasitic Pedicularis ishidoyana (Orobanchaceae); Tyler T., Citation metrics and Impact Factors fail as measures of scientific quality, in particular in taxonomy, and are biased by biological discipline and by geographic and taxonomic factors.
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ISSN 0003-3847
Publisher Suomen eläin- ja kasvitieteen julkaisutoimikunta
Series Annales Botanici Fennici
Published (year) 2018
Cover Softcover
Type of Binding Softcover binding
Languages english
Disciplines Botany, Nature
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