Adult Education – Liberty, Fraternity, Equality?

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Adult Education – Liberty, Fraternity, Equality? Nordic Views on Lifelong Learning
Ed. Risto Rinne, Anja Heikkinen & Petri Salo
Finnish Educational Research Association
Kasvatusalan tutkimuksia – Research in Educational Sciences 28
Turku 2007, 415 pp.
In the name of enlightenment Nordic countries were among the first to develop a wide adult education system in order to cultivate their adult population. They believed, that it is education which gives the people the liberty, equality and fraternity. The very core of the idea of the Nordic welfare state is educational equality as the spearhead to the social equality of the whole nation. In this book is reflected together the state of the art of adult education research in the Nordic countries in the beginning of the third millenium.
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