Acta Byzantina Fennica Vol. 3 (N. s.)

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Acta Byzantina Fennica Vol. 3 (N. s.)
Editor Mika Hakkarainen
Finnish Society for Byzantine Studies
Vantaa 2010, 213 pp.
Articles: Richard Alston, Urban Transformation in the East from Byzantium to Islam; Klaus Belke, The Development of Towns in Northwestern Asia Minor during Late Antiquity; William Bowden, Early Byzantine Urban Decline in the Southern Balkans; Fabio Guidetti, Urban Continuity and Change in Late Roman Antioch; Mika Kajava, Byzantine Greek Inscriptions and Urban Context; Kalle Korhonen, Greek and Latin in the Urban Rural Epigraphy of Byzantine Sicily; Tassos Papacostas, Echoes of the Renaissance in the Eastern Confines of the Stato da mar: Architectural Evidence from Venetian Cyprus; Hanna-Riitta Toivanen, The Origin of the Middle Byzantine Domed Octagonal Type; Przemyslaw Marciniak, Der Mythos des Falls von Konstantinopel in der Literatur (17 Jh.–20 Jh.).
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ISSN 1458-7017
Publisher Bysantin tutkimuksen seura
Series Acta Byzantina Fennica (N.s.)
Published (year) 2010
Cover Softcover
Type of Binding Softcover binding
Languages multilingual
Disciplines Byzantine Studies
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