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Departures. How Societies Distribute their People
Edited by Jukka Siikala
Finnish Anthropological Society
Transactions of the Finnish Anthropological Society (TAFAS) 46
Helsinki 2001, 235 pp.
People have always been on the move. Changes in the ways this movement occurs and the different positions from which anthropologists look at the movement have made it a new kind of theoretical problem. The contributions to this collection address the ways in which people have been moving, from tribal to individual migrations. The aim is to look at, from a comparative perspective, the effects of the movement of the people in this world, and in turn, how they make the world their own.
ISBN 952-9573-24-3
ISSN 0356-0481
Kustantaja Suomen Antropologinen Seura
Sarja Transactions of the Finnish Anthropological Society (TAFAS)
Painovuosi 2001
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