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A person with classes.A person with classes.


IN FINLAND, the learned societies publish the majority of academic journals and research literature. Bookstore Tiedekirja serves the Finnish learned societies by distributing their books and journals both domestically and internationally. Tiedekirja sells books, which are not sold anywhere else. They include publications in variety languages including English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. Our multilingual books titles include both academic titles and popular science book, essays, and biographies.

We have a great selection of scientific literature published by more than 170 societies in diverse fields of science and research. Bookstore Tiedekirja is an essential supporter for Finnish science and research. At least 85% from the selling price of our titles are returned the scientific society publisher. By buying from us you’ll support Finnish science and research!

Publications can be browsed and ordered through our webstore If you wish to learn more about the Finnish learned societies and our organizational services, visit the website of the Federation of Finnish Learned Societies: Please follow us on social media and order our newsletter to get the newest events, campaigns and new arrivals. You can order our newsletter from the website or sending an email to

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