Proceedings from Najaks 2022

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Proceedings from Najaks 2022
Ed. Jeong-Young Kim and Lasse Lehtonen
Suomen Itämainen Seura - Finska Orientsällskapet
Studia Orientalia 124
Joensuu 2023, 220 pp.
This special volume of Studia Orientalia contains the written versions of selected papers presented during the eleventh conference of the Nordic Association of Japanese and Korean Studies (NAJAKS), which was held at the University of Helsinki, Finland, on May 2022.

Includes articles among others: Hannes Mosler, Politics of Memory in South Korea: President Yoon Suk-yeol's 2022 Memorial Address on The Kwangju Democracy Movement; Olavi K. Fält, Views of the Western Newspapers Published in Japan on the Opening up of Korea in 1876; Polina Barducci, Justice in an Age of Lawlessness? Miyoshi Nagayoshi, a Disputed Warlord from the Sixteenth Century; Simon Bytheway, The End to the Yen in Korea: Repatriation and Currency Problems in Occupied Korea and Japan, 1945-1952; Mark E. Caprio, The Japanese Military and the Dangers of Korean Repatriation; Yoko Demelius, Healing through Shared Tasks: Honoring Elderly Zainichi Korean Women and Crossing Unspoken Boundaries in Japan; Rachad Chafik Elidrissi, The Culture of Positivity: The Ideology behind Hell Joseon Resurrection; Ji-Hyun Hwang, Reading Kim Yujeong's Works in the Social and Cultural Context of the Twenty-First Century: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Literary Analysis; Jeong-Young Kim, Demonstration of Korean Grammar in Finnish; Ami Kobayashi and Kazuyoshi Kawasaka, Surviving Under the "Hidden Curriculum": The struggles of LGBTQ+ JET Teachers in Japanese Rural Areas; Lasse Lehtonen, "My Music Can't be Compared to Anything Done in the Past": Female Singer-songwriters and the "New" in the New Music of 1970s Japan; Sangwon Shin, State Ideology in Korea under the Chosŏn Dynasty and Abolition of the System of Government-Owned nobi; Vladimir Tikhonov, Chu Chonggŏn (1895-1936) : Life and Death of a Transborder Korean Socialist Intellectual.
ISBN 978-952-7538-02-9
ISSN 0039-3282
Kustantaja Suomen Itämainen Seura - Finska Orientsällskapet
Sarja Studia Orientalia
Painovuosi 2023
Julkaisun kansi Pehmeäkantinen
Sidontatapa Nidottu
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Tieteenalat Historia, Kielentutkimus, Kirjallisuudentutkimus, Kulttuurintutkimus, Orientalistiikka
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