Wittgenstein and the Method of Philosophy

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Wittgenstein and the Method of Philosophy
Edited by Sami Pihlström
Philosophical Society of Finland
Acta Philosophica Fennica 80
Helsinki 2006, 239 pp.
The essays collected in this volume seek to throw new light not only on the controversy regarding the "new Wittgenstein" but, more broadly, on the question of the nature of philosophical methodology as it appears in Wittgenstein's and his interpreters' work. The emphasis of many of the articles is thus metaphilosophical: how does Wittgenstein work philosophically, and how should we philosophize when trying to learn something from his investigations? These meta-level issues, however, easily turn into substantially philosophical problems regarding, for example, necessity, possibility, metaphysics, or meaning.
ISBN 951-9264-60-4
ISSN 0355-1792
Kustantaja Suomen Filosofinen Yhdistys, Filosofiska Föreningen i Finland
Sarja Acta Philosophica Fennica
Painovuosi 2006
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