Traditions in Collision

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Keinänen, Jyrki
Traditions in Collision. A Literary and Redaction-Critical Study on the Elijah Narratives 1Kings 17–19
Finnish Exegetical Society / Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht
Publications of the Finnish Exegetical Society 80
S.l. 2001, 207 pp.
This work concerns the Deuteronomistic history and the earliest traditions dealing with Elijah. The central aim has been to resolve the literary history of 1Kings 1719:18 in its different parts which were originally composed by different authors and editors. Some of the consequent tensions in these traditions are severe enough to be described as "collisions": Yahweh is manifested through fire in one passage, but is contradicted in another passage. The narrative concerning drought in Israel is interrupted by a story about rival sacrifices which has nothing to do with the original theme.
ISBN 951-9217-35-5
ISSN 0356-2786
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Sarja Publications of the Finnish Exegetical Society
Painovuosi 2001
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