Slovakia – A Playgroung for Nationalism and National Identity, 1918–1920

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Nurmi, Ismo
Slovakia – A Playgroung for Nationalism and National Identity, 1918–1920. Manifestations of the National Identity of Slovaks
Suomen historiallinen seura
Bibliotheca Historica 42
Helsinki 1999, 202 pp.
National identities and nationalism especially in the European context have aroused lots of current interest among scholars from a wide variety of academic disciplines, and the topic most certainly will continue to attract further attention also in the future. A great number of the studies dealing with national identities have emphasized the long time span and the role of the national intelligentsia in the evolution of a national identity. This study uses another approach by underlining the short time span and a number of practical issues that contributed to the strenghtening of the national identity of the Slovaks during the first two years following the independence of Czechoslovakia.
ISBN 951-710-108-2
ISSN 1238-3503
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Sarja Bibliotheca Historica
Painovuosi 1999
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