Shades of Red

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Turunen, Risto
Shades of Red. Evolution of the Political Language of Finnish Socialism from the 19th Century until the Civil War of 1918
Työväen historian ja perinteen tutkimuksen seura
Papers on Labour History 9
Turenki 2021, 523 s.
"Skillfully integrating labour history, the history of concepts and digital humanities, Shades of Red is a comprehensive and detailed examination of Finnish socialism and its vernacular varieties. An essential case study for students of socialist mobilisations in late imperial Russia and across the globe, as well as political languages in general."
- Wiktor Marzec, PhD., University of Warsaw

"Shades of Red is a compelling, inspiring book that combines close and distant reading in a novel way. This is an original contribution to the emerging field of digital history.”
- Professor Hannu Salmi, University of Turku

"Shades of Red is a significant intellectual achievement. It is methodologically innovative, empirically sound and theoretically well-grounded."
- Professor Emeritus Pauli Kettunen, University of Helsinki

Risto Turunen is a Postdoctoral Researcher specializing in computational and data-intensive approaches to modern political languages. He was awarded his doctorate in History at Tampere University in 2021.
ISBN 978-952-5976-97-7
ISSN 0783-005X
Kustantaja Työväen historian ja perinteen tutkimuksen seura
Sarja Papers on Labour History
Painovuosi 2021
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