Serious Game of Politics

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The Serious Game of Politics. Festschrift for Matti Wiberg
Eds. Tapio Raunio & Hannu Nurmi
Finnish Political Science Association
Books from the Finnish Political Science Association 26
Tampere 2014, 243 pp.
Politics is often viewed as a game ‒ but it is certainly a serious game producing winners and losers among political actors from individual citizens to countries. Institutions are the rules of the game, structuring decision-making from elections to parliaments and goverments. Professor Matti Wiberg is an internationally known and esteemed scholar of parliaments and political institutions. His exceptionally inquisitive mind has also led to research on a broad range of topics covering political behaviour, agenda-setting, language of politics, and Finnish and Nordic politics, to name a few. To mark the occasion of Professor Wiberg´s 60th birthday, a group of his collaborators, colleagues and friends present this collection of essays on parliaments and institutions as a token of their apprecition of Matti Wiberg´s academic career so far.
ISBN 978-952-67472-3-1
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Sarja Books from the Finnish Political Science Association
Painovuosi 2014
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