Reliability of measurement scales

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Vehkalahti, Kimmo
Reliability of measurement scales. Tarkkonen's general method supersedes Cronbach's alpha
Finnish Statistical Society
Statistical Research Reports 17
Vantaa 2000, 116 pp.
Methods for assessing the reliability of measurement scales were investigated. Reliability, which is defined as the ratio of the true variance to the total variance, is an important property of measurement. In order to estimate the reliability, the concepts of measurement model and measurement scale are required. The model specifies the structure of the measurement, and the scale, which is a combination of the measured items, represents a realization of the theoretical notions. The focus was on two measures of reliability: Cronbach's alpha, which is widely applied, and Tarkkonen's more general measure.
ISBN 952-91-2818-5
ISSN 0356-3499
Kustantaja Suomen Tilastoseura
Sarja Statistical Research Reports
Painovuosi 2000
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