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Jäntti, Lauri T.
Prolepticism. The Futurist Theology of Ted Peters
Schriften der Luther-Agricola-Gesellschaft 70
Tampere 2017, 243 pp.
It is a common notion that the Christian faith is the product of history: that it relies on what has come before. But what if this view was turned upside down? What if the future, instead of the past, determined the meaning of Christian faith, even the meaning of this world and its life?

The focus of this study is on the futurist theological thinking of Ted Peters, called proleptic theology. Its fundamental idea is that the future has priority over the past and present, and that we can see some of the future in the prolepsis, where the future invades the present in advance of itself. The most important prolepsis is the work and resurrection of Christ as an anticipation of the future kingdom of God.

The study presents prolepticism as a tripartite structure of theology, science, and ethics, making it a systematic theory of God, reality, and humanity: a comprehensive eschatological vision of the whole of reality.
ISBN 978-952-7259-00-9
ISSN 1236-9675
Kustantaja Luther-Agricola-Seura
Sarja Schriften der Luther-Agricola-Gesellschaft
Painovuosi 2017
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