Nature Calendar 2023

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Nature Calendar 2023
Suomen Luonnonsuojelun Tuki
Suomen luonnonsuojelun tuen tuotteet 2023
2023 is the 85th anniversary of the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation. The work of conservationists has produced results, and a lot of good has been achieved. ln the Nature calendar of 2023, we highlight these steps of progress with brilliant pictures and short introductions.

ln addition to untouched nature, changes are happening right next door in nature areas near human populations. We can often affect nearby nature ourselves and slow down the loss of biodiversity. The decrease in the number of cute hedqehogs is easier to notice than that of the numerous invertebrates around yhe garden. Changing the garden area to be more suitable for hedgehogs also helps many of its small animals and plants fare better.

Size 34cm x 24,5cm. The size of an open calendar 34cm x 49cm.
Kustantaja Suomen Luonnonsuojelun Tuki
Sarja Suomen luonnonsuojelun tuen tuotteet
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