Mediated music makers

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Ahonen, Laura
Mediated music makers. Constructing author images in popular music
Finnish Society for Ethnomusicology
Finnish Society for Ethnomusicology. Publication 16
s.l. 2007, 225 pp.
Mediated music makers discusses the mediated construction of author images in popular music. The author images of rock auteurs, pop stars and electronic dance music artists are examined alongside such varied topics as collective authorship, evaluative hierarchies, visual promotion and generic conventions. As the case studies demonstrate, the question of authorship is connected with a number of themes ranging from issues of auteurism and stardom to the use of masked imagery and the blending of authorial voices.
ISBN 978-952-99945-0-2
ISSN 0785-2746
Kustantaja Suomen Etnomusikologinen Seura
Sarja Finnish Society for Ethnomusicology. Publication
Painovuosi 2007
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