Matters of Faith and Love

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Matters of Faith and Love. Nordic Perspectives on Transforming Social and Theological Challenges
Ed. Ville Päivänsalo & Pamela Slotte
Schriften der Luther-Agricola-Gesellschaft 72
Helsinki 2019, 167 pp.
In the rapidly changing Nordic societies, both widespread secularism and increasing social visibility of religions have challenged theologians. Both within faith communities and in the academia, they have been called to rethink matters of faith in ecumenical and interreligious perspectives.

Matters of love are no less relevant to theology, or to systematic theology in particular, these days. As the traditional Nordic welfare states have faced profound challenges due to far-reaching transformation in the economic, political, ideological, and religious landscapes, what kind of service and advocacy might be most relevant in these countries and also elsewhere? Matters of Faith and Love offers responses to these questions by Nordic theologians.
ISBN 978-952-7259-09-2
ISSN 1236-9675
Kustantaja Luther-Agricola-Seura
Sarja Schriften der Luther-Agricola-Gesellschaft
Painovuosi 2019
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Tieteenalat Sosiologia, Teologia
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