Masculinities and Violence in Youth Cultures

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Masculinities and Violence in Youth Cultures
Edited by Leena Suurpää & Tommi Hoikkala
Finnish Youth Research Society
Finnish Youth Research Network. Finnish Youth Research Society. Publications 53
Helsinki 2005, 254 pp.
This book examines the relationship between violence and gender in youth cultures. The countries being investigated are Russia, France, the UK, Sweden, Finland, Spain and Mexico. This publication concerns gendered violence in public spaces. The authors ask how gendered violence in youth cultures is in diverse societal contexts, what forms and interpretations of masculinities are built in youth cultures, and how young people themselves and the society around them relate to these masculinities. The authors also pose the question, are there culturally approved violent femininities as well, and what are they like in different societies.
ISBN 952-5464-18-0
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