Labouring Finns

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Labouring Finns. Transnational Politics in Finland, Canada, and the United States
Eds. Michel S. Beaulieu, Ronald N. Harpelle & Jaimi Penney
Migration Studies - C 20
Sastamala 2011, 196 pp.
Significantly, labouring Finns maintained strong ties between Finland and the communities they established in North America, and these were ties that bound them together in a fight for justice that had its roots in the turmoil of Finland’s long struggle for freedom. Finnish workers in Finland and North America contributed significantly to the development of socialism in the political arenas they found themselves in.
ISBN 978-952-5889-21-5
ISSN 0356-780X
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Sarja Migration Studies - C
Painovuosi 2011
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Tieteenalat Kulttuurintutkimus, Sosiaalipolitiikka, Sosiologia, Vähemmistöt
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