King Magnus Eriksson's Law of the Realm

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King Magnus Eriksson's Law of the Realm. A Medieval Swedish Code
Transl. and ed. Ruth Donner
Ius Gentium
Acta Societatis Fennicae Iuris Gentium C 2
Ekenäs 2000, 164 pp.
With an Introduction by Richard Tötterman.
This volume contains the first edition in English of King Magnus Eriksson's Law, dating from the mid-fourteenth century, together with the Law of the Church from the earlier Provincial Law of Uppland, as explained in the Introduction. This was the first of the great national codifications applicable to Sweden and Finland, also retained by Finland even after its annexation by Russia in 1809. Not only is it a valuable historical source of Scandinavian and Nordic legal history, it is also very relevant for the early Common Law in England and North America.
ISBN 951-95253-5-2
ISSN 1235-2683
Kustantaja Ius Gentium
Sarja Acta Societatis Fennicae Iuris Gentium C
Painovuosi 2000
Julkaisun kansi Pehmeäkantinen
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