International Post-Conflict Situations

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Korhonen, Outi & Gras, Jutta & Creutz, Katja
International Post-Conflict Situations. New Challenges for Co-Operative Governance
Erik Castrén Institute of International Law and Human Rights
Erik Castrén Institute Research Reports 18
Helsinki 2006, xiv + 305 pp.
It is hard to think of a more anguished focus of debates within international organisations today than the question about the government of conflict-ridden territories. Despite numerous instances in which international organisations have attempted to restore or maintain a peaceful administration of a conflict-ridden or conflict-prone territory, little has happened that would have alleviated the concerns felt by international actors about the challenges of such undertakings. Ultimately it is for the population itself to decide on what kind of government to set up and how to deal with problems of accountability and reconciliation. Before that stage has been attained, however, international organisations need to involve themselves in one way or another.
ISBN 952-10-3493-9
ISSN 1457-5965
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Sarja Erik Castrén Institute Research Reports
Painovuosi 2006
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