I am Fire but my Environment is the Lighter

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Kiilakoski, Tomi
I am Fire but my Environment is the Lighter. A Study on Locality, Mobility, and Youth Engagement in the Barents Region
Nuorisotutkimusseura. Julkaisuja 179
Helsinki s.a., 61 pp.
The pressing issues that young people face appear different when seen from the perspective of urban centers or far-flung rural locations. This study focuses on the very north of the Barents Region, examining the conditions, youth cultures, and the everyday life of the young residents in three locations in Finland, Norway, and Russia. The issues of locality, mobility, and engagement are examined by analyzing artworks produced by the youth of the region. The stud provides insight on how the young people themselves see their lives in the Barents Region and analyses the youth policy implications of these experiences. It offers a counter-narrative to the existing ways of understanding what is it like to grow up in contemporary Europe.
ISBN 978-952-7175-06-4
ISSN 1799-9219
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