Foreign Drums Beating

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Foreign Drums Beating. Transnational Experiences in Early Modern Europa
Edited by Björn Forsén and Mika Hakkarainen
Bysantin tutkimuksen seura
Acta Byzantina Fennica (N.s.) 5
Helsinki 2017, 188 pp.
Foreign Drums Beating: Transnational Experiences in Early Modern Europa offers some examples of the interaction, encounters and exchanges that were typical of the frontier zones in Early Modern Europe. Conflicts and coexistence were both at the heart of such regions, as was the spread of cultural influences. This, the beating of foreign drums did not only rally troops to fight abroad during periods of war, but also encouraged interaction across the frontier zones during times of peace, thereby offering plentiful opportunities for transnational experiences.
ISBN 978-952-93-9965-9
ISSN 1458-7017
Kustantaja Bysantin tutkimuksen seura
Sarja Acta Byzantina Fennica (N.s.)
Painovuosi 2017
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