Finnish communism visited

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Saarela, Tauno
Finnish communism visited
Finnish Society for Labour History
Papers on Labour History 7
Vantaa 2015, 233 pp.
Finnish communism was one of the largest communist movements in Europe. It was born in two countries, Finland and Soviet Russia, and in 1918‒1944 active in both of them. It was a movement deeply rooted in Finnish society and the traditions of the Finnish labour movement, but also a movement with strong ties with Soviets. This collection of articles gives a glimpse of this tension within Finnish communism. The articles discuss the contacts between the Communist International and Finnish communism, the relations between Finnish and Scandinavian communists, the American impact on Finnish communism. They also touch the importance of cemeteries for Finnish communism, characters in the short stories published in the Finnish communist youth towards jazz, rock and roll and pop songs in 1944‒1969. The articles address the cult of the individual within Finnish communism, too.
ISBN 978-952-5976-18-2
Kustantaja Työväen historian ja perinteen tutkimuksen seura
Sarja Papers on Labour History
Painovuosi 2015
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