Ex Philologia Lux

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Ex Philologia Lux. Essays in Honour of Leena Kahlas-Tarkka
Edited by Jukka Tyrkkö, Olga Timofeeva & Maria Salenius
Société Néophilologique
Mémoires de la Société Néophilologique de Helsinki XC
Vantaa 2013, xix + 509 pp.
This collection of articles is a Festschrift for Leena Kahlas-Tarkka. In her long career Leena Kahlas-Tarkka has inspired and encouraged countless students with her teaching and the example she has set as a scholar. Her research merits include studies of the early development of English pronouns and verbs, the languages of the Salem witchcraft trials, and individual Early Modern thinkers and translators. The twenty-four articles in this volume cover four different areas of English studies: medieval scholarship, corpus studies, books and genres, and literary perspectives. Together they represent a modern take on philology at work, combining new methods and approaches with a traditional sensibility for the social, cultural and biographical issues that inform the linguist and literary scholar of today.
ISBN 978-951-9040-46-2
ISSN 0355-0192
Kustantaja Uusfilologinen yhdistys - Nyfilologiska föreningen
Sarja Mémoires de la Société Néophilologique de Helsinki
Painovuosi 2013
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