Environmental Policy Evaluation

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Mickwitz, Per
Environmental Policy Evaluation. Concepts and Practice
Finnish Society of Sciences and Letters
Commentationes Scientiarum Socialium 66
Vaajakoski 2006, 188 pp.
The task of this study is to examine concepts, which can be used when evaluating environmental policies. The main aims of this study can be summarised in two questions: Should environmental policies be evaluated? and if so How could they be evaluated? The study is thus about examining evaluation approaches, methods and criteria in an area where the evaluation demands are high, while concepts and practices lack any degree of standardization. The underlying idea is to combine knowledge accumulated in the general evaluation field with knowledge on environmental issues and policies and to test the derived concepts in practice.
ISBN 951-653-339-6
ISSN 0355-256X
Kustantaja Finska Vetenskaps-Societeten - Suomen Tiedeseura
Sarja Commentationes Scientiarum Socialium
Painovuosi 2006
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