English Verbal Charms

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Roper, Jonathan
English Verbal Charms
Finnish Academy of Science and Letters
FF Communications 288
Vammala 2005, 241 pp.
Some of the earliest English writings that now survive are records of verbal charms. They mark the beginning of a millennium-long semi-continuous record of traditional verbal charms, which runs until almost the present day. The current work aims to provide a description of the genre of charms and the practice of charming by drawing on the surviving data from the entire period. It also presents a discussion of charm-types found in England, mentioning wherever possible their European analogues.
ISBN 951-41-0968-6
ISSN 0014-5815
Kustantaja Kalevalaseura-säätiö
Sarja Folklore Fellows' Communications
Painovuosi 2005
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